Questing and Studio [Y]

As part of our 8 month adventure with Studio [Y] (to learn more about what Studio [Y] is please see the About page) groups of fellows will be going on ‘Quest’ to visit an area of the province of Ontario that is not within the Greater Toronto Area.

Quest is not only an opportunity to travel to new regions, but also allows us to meet others in our field, learn and get an in-depth look at the types of community leadership and systems change that is occurring across Ontario.

We’ve already reached the halfway mark of our time at Studio [Y]. Quest is also a chance to get a ‘change of pace’, reflect on our experience thus far, where we’re going and where we hope to be come May.

We want to share our experiences and take-away with you. Different fellows will post to this site during the months of February and March.

Questions/comments? Are you’re based in any of the places teams are are traveling to? Please connect with us!

Photo credit: Rebecca Wolff


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