Quest and Our Travels

As part of our program at Studio [Y] (For more details on the program visit the Studio [Y] Website) groups of fellows are taking part in ‘Quest,’ a week-long experiential learning opportunity outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Fellows travel across the province to explore the systems they working in and meet communities and individuals leading innovative change.

This blog chronicles the experiences of several teams of fellows traveling through Central and Northern Ontario as part of their Quest.

Team Sleeping Giant (Nanabijou)

Jess, Rebecca and Rebecca (yes it’s Rebecca squared) will be journeying to Thunder Bay to further their understanding of the cultural, socio-economic, and geographic complexities  at play in Northern Ontario, particularity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. During the trip they will also be working and exploring areas related to their personal projects (see the team page to learn more about their interests).

Team Deep Earth

Arij, Dave, Hibaq, Ian, Martin, and Stephen are heading to Sudbury to explore the city’s ongoing economic diversification from a mining- to a service-based economy. In particular they hope to better understand the different ways businesses have developed sustainable practices during this transition period.

Team Robot

Team Robot consists of Erin “Robot Girl” Kennedy, who will be travelling to Kitchener-Waterloo to look at how the entrepreneurial landscape there (home to some of Canada’s major tech companies like Research in Motion) might benefit the growth of her robot projects.


Team RAWHIDE consist of Melisse Watson who will be travelling to Orillia, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie to multiple communities engaging in ‘Transformative Justice’, or similar self-governance practices to share knowledge, challenges and successes.

Team Diversity

Team Diversity, made up of Derakhshan Qurban-Ali, will be travelling to Thunder Bay/Northern Ontario to learn about First Nations perspectives, narratives, cultures and history. She aims to better understand the diversity of experience within the country outside of a major metropolitan centre such as Toronto.

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Photo credit: Rebecca Wolff



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