We are Team Sleeping Giant (aka Rebecca, Jess, Rebecca). We will be traveling together to Thunder Bay February 23- March 1st 2016 to further their understanding the cultural, socio-economic, and geographic complexities that are at play in Northern Ontario, particularity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. During the trip we will also be working and exploring areas related our personal projects with Studio [Y]. All three of us have different areas of focus and interests but hope to learn from community leaders and each other during our Quest.

Rebecca T.– Rebecca Tan is a community builder at heart and by training. An accessibility consultant, and health and social services community planner, she is a graduate of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University. Her interests lie in working in partnership with Indigenous communities to remove social barriers to accessing space and in practicing intersectional planning to design inclusive cities. Will be looking at urban renewal through public art in the most robust graffiti art and outdoor public art scene in Northern Ontario.

Jess – An avid organic farmer, Jess has a longstanding interest and involvement in social innovation, having been involved in starting a national Fair Trade movement and implementing support systems for community gardens and food education groups. She seeks to understanding urban food security in Northern Ontario and in Northern Indigenous communities stemming from the Thunder Bay Food Charter. Jess is currently working on developing a food charter for the community of Parry Sound.

Rebecca W.– Rebecca specializes in perceptions of health and wellbeing in the Peruvian Amazon, having worked in Peru for the past four years. Within Canada, she is continuing on a personal path of critical reflection and reconciliation that lies at the heart of health equity for Indigenous communities in Peru and Canada. While in Thunder Bay she aims to explore how we can teach culturally safe healthcare practices through Indigenous-led and run programs, specifically focusing on collaborations between Anishinabe elders and institutions of higher education.

Connect with us! We can be reached at: rwolff@marsdd.com