Team Deep Earth is composed of Martin, Ian, Dave, Stephen, Arij and Hibaq. This group of fellows will be traveling to the city of Sudbury in Northern Ontario to explore the city’s ongoing economic diversification from a mining- to a service-based economy from Feb 20th to Feb 27th. A transition to a green economy has the potential to greatly impact the rural areas that drive Canada’s resource economy, and the team hopes to understand the full implications of the sustainable policies desired for Canada. Martin and Arij will also be exploring local healthcare systems and science education  in North Ontario.

While in the area they will be spending several days winter camping at Fairbanks Lake Provincial Park in order to strengthen their personal connections to nature, which inspire and motivate their sustainability work. The intersection of people and nature is directly related to the core of the team’s projects at Studio [Y] in Cleantech, sustainable business and energy, health, and environmental policy.

Major questions the team seeks to understand are:

  • When did economic diversification really get going?  Has there been wide community support or is this the passion project of a few local entrepreneurs?
  • Is this a model that can be adapted and scaled to other mid-sized resource-supported towns and how could government policy better support this transition?
  • What does the social innovation/social enterprise/social entrepreneurship ecosystem look like in northern Ontario communities as opposed to here in Toronto?

Team contact:

Photo credit: Cohort III Bios